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This page is under construction. But you can read the F.A.Qs below first :)


  1. I have a question for you!

    Good, ask in the tag board on the side bar, or use the contact form. Or simply just comment on the latest post with your question. Or just tweet me @ceanlovesyou. I'm sure you will get a reply within a day.

  2. You said you only post worldwide giveaways, why do I see some giveaways posted that are only restricted to Singaporean citizens?

    Good question. If you do not know yet, I am from Singapore. It is natural that I should also take notice in giveaways hosted in my own country. You have misunderstood me, I do not only post worldwide giveaways. What I post on Womobomo, are giveaways that I entered.

  3. Why do you only post giveaways that you entered?

    I show an ultimate dislike for giveaways that are not available to me, thus the reason for my "worldwide" giveaway postings. I live in Singapore and giveaways in my own country are obviously available to me, so I post them as well.

  4. Can I do a guest post on Womobomo?

    No, Womobomo is filled with my own opinions, reviews, ideas, and whatever, it would be seriously weird if it consists of your opinions in one whole blog post as well. However, I do interviews when I am not fully experiences in a certain money making website. For example, if I want to post a review on "WEBSITE A" that is providing publishers a way to earn by tweeting ads, but I have only been using it for lets say, a month, I would most likely seek someone who has been using "WEBSITE A" for a few months as he/she would have more to say as compared to myself.

  5. Can you blog about my giveaway please?

    Sure, it would be my greatest pleasure to mention your giveaway in my random "giveaways roundup" postings if your giveaway is Worldwide(International) or in Singapore. Simply use contact me using this form with a link to your giveaway.

  6. I want to advertise my 125 x 125 banner on your sidebar, but your rate is just too expensive, can I negotiate with you?

    Why not? Just use this form, state your purpose, your desired price per month and we'll talk. Remember to use a valid email address for me to reply you.

  7. How quick/efficient are you?

    I spend 8 hours and more on the internet every single day. I see Google Reader, Gmail, and Twitter each time I open my browser. I surf a lot for money making methods online, freelancing jobs and ways to earn from home. All of these are my interests, that is why I surf daily without a sweat.

  8. So, are you a student?

    Yes, currently working towards a Bachelor of Psychology degree.

  9. Is becoming a psychologist your goal in life?

    Sadly, no. My goal in life is to become an awesome web designer.


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