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Posted on Thursday, May 19, 2011

15th Anniversary of ECPlaza

15th Anniversary of Global Online B2B Trade Marketplace ECPlaza!

Have you ever heard of ECPlaza ( If your answer is no, then you have been missing out on a lot! ECPlaza is a B2B trade business site that started in 1996, and has grown to be the number 1 Trade Leader providing on and off line services to more than 1 million members! Here is a list of what ECPlaza offers:

  1. Global B2B trade e-marketplace
  2. EDI(Electronic Data Interchange) service
  3. Trade consulting
  4. Offline trade-related services for small and medium enterprise

With an extensive network to worldwide countries and high brand recognition, ECPlaza is expanding to the global market with three top values that would aid in the succession: more business opportunities, cost saving and convenience.

Not enough to convince? Let statistics prove it. There are over 4 million trade offers posted on ECPlaza's Website, which is considered as the largest scale in the world. The B2B website is also listed n the top of various famous ranking websites such as Alexa, Rankey, 100 HOT and many more!

If you are feeling a slight bit of interest yet so far, let me introduce you to the exclusive features of the Global online B2B Trade Marketplace, ECPlaza!

  1. Firstly, you get to set up your own FREE website whereby you can publish your company's profile, products, and trade leads, all at no cost.
  2. Next, you would start to receive enquiries from worldwide buyers, a step in which you can reach out to thousands of prospective worldwide buyers!
  3. As if that wasn't good enough, ECPlaza lets you use various services for FREE as well! An example would be the PC080 messenger, where you get to chat with your trade partners in real time. This not only helps you close deals faster, but also allows you to get the latest trade leads and information on new buyers with Trade Alerts daily, or weekly.

Ready to start joining ECPlaza where you never miss any good opportunities to meet your right buyers and new business deals? Now, you can either enjoy being either a Free Member, or a Premium Member to get more trade chances, and so make a choice after reading this entire post!

There are two Premium Member schemes - Yes Silver and Yes Gold.

Both of them is the most extensive and advances marketing solution packages that you should never miss out on. The main advantage for being a Premium Member is easy access for international buyers.

The benefits of YES Silver

  • A premium homepage.
  • You can post 200 selling leads and products to be listed in Priority listing in buyers’ search results.
  • Get better search results by inputting 5 keywords when posting about products and selling leads.
  • Unlimited access to buyer contact details and EcPlaza's exclusive 2.5m ilion global buyer data base.
  • Free online banner advertisements by using the ad service points.
  • Easy creation of a high quality business proposal.
  • Company Verification Service - your company will be displayed with A&V seal on your homepage to show buyers that your company is legally authenticated and verified which gives more trust to potential buyers.

The benefits of YES Gold

YES Gold is an advanced premium service which includes all of YES Silver services. It leads your global business to success with EcPlaza's powerful overseas marketing service including on-line / off-line supporting. - Quoted from ECPlaza

  • you can post 1,000 selling leads and products with TOP-LEVEL Priority Listing in buyers’ search result.
  • Getting better search results by inputting 10 Keywords for your products and selling leads.
  • FFREE online banner advertisements by using the ad service points. There will be more points credited to YES Gold account as compared to having a YES Silver account.
  • Provides a 12 page e-Book Type Catalog
  • Your products would be promoted in various trade magazines which will be distributed to major trade shows around the world!

15th Anniversary of Global Online B2B Trade Marketplace ECPlaza!

15th Anniversary of ECPlaza

ECPlaza is having their 15th Anniversary and would like to thank all of its members around the world! It has been a great pleasure for them, as a World’s Leading Global Online B2B Trade Marketplace since 1996. ECPlaza has improved a lot throughout the years, and part of this success is by listening to all concerns and advices of ECPlaza's valuable members. ECPlaza shows the utmost gratitude in serving each and every member and will continue to improve with better, and updated services.

I had a great time!

As a buyer, I was interested in the pictures of so many products on ECPlaza, so I decided to search around for awhile. It's really amazing, and I get both very detailed search results and specifics of the products. My mother recently expressed interest in a Nespresso Coffee Machine that was so expensive we couldn't afford it, so I decided to try the keyword "Nespresso" on ECPlaza's search engine. I wasn;t disappointed, although the specific brand that I wanted wasn't listed (even if it was I couldn't afford it anyway), I had two alternatives available! The first was from China, and I saw a fantastic photo of a "Espresso and cappuccino coffee machine" with a list of product features. Then I searched a little more and I found a "Pasco Automatic Coffee Machine" from a Singapore company.

The best of the best about ECPlaza is the clear descriptions available for products, plus such clear photos of the products, which was what attracted me to linger on the website for a little more. I had a great time browsing ECPlaza, and I really hope you would too!

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