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Posted on Friday, March 11, 2011

The birth of Womobomo

I was getting a little bored while watching Criminal Minds one day, so I decided to visit a website that I have not browsed for years - Blogger. I have no idea why I wanted to; I just decided to, and that is how I thought of the name Womobomo. I wanted something unique, something special, something that no one has ever had. And... TADA! I got that name, out of nowhere. I obviously love Womobomo, or I wouldn't have spent one whole day, I repeat, one whole day on "beautifying" it. I literally spent two hours trying to search for a perfect (Yes, only a perfect one) blog theme, which is what you are looking at right now. I believe you will feel how I feel when I first set my eyes on it.

What content would I be posting on Womobomo?
Starting to get a little excited about Womobomo, yeah :P? Well, I have decided for Womobomo to be a monetization website, whereby reviews, articles, giveaways, contests, or anything that you can think of that is related to "$$$" will be seen posted here. I intend to give honest opinions about money making websites online and how one could make money online by just using a laptop with internet access. I also welcome all (Indicating all dwellers of the internet) to voice their opinions by commenting on each post I make. I would be very glad to read through all sincere comments to improve Womobomo to the fullest extent.

What do I mean by monetization stuff?
Hoho, that would be giving all the fun away. Lets start with some basic stuffs. If you have been reading articles on "making money online", you would have already understood some simple ways to earning extra cash online. Note that I used the term "extra cash". I dislike it a lot, when people start thinking they can get a full time job online, at home, earning thousands a month, without prior experience or knowledge. In fact, that is the most stupid way of thinking I've ever came across.
Unless your full time job in real life involves spending some time on the internet, or unless you are a professional freelancer with more than 3 years of experience working online, or unless you're a 5 years plus internet dweller with a large portfolio of website layouts/logos, or unless you are an extremely talented artists who can do produce a few pieces of both traditional and digital arts per week, or unless you can knit/sew/handcraft like an expert that mommies out there favor, there is only a 1% change of earning big bucks online for you. I reemphasize that earnings online are only extra cash and can only be seen as extra cash, 20 bucks earned online per month to fill your pocket should be sufficient for an average internet dweller.

What happens if I get unpleasant comments on Womobomo?
Like I said, I encourage my visitors to comment wherever they deem fit, be it the layout, the way I put my ads, my posts, my pages... really, whatever you can comment on, feel free. I will read through your comments, even if it is a rude one, because I believe I have to read or else I wouldn't know if it is a rude one or not. *Wink* Anyway, the only people that will get blocked from Womobomo are disgusting spammers that I will not tolerate, other than that, I am fine with anything. Minor link promotions, rude comments, unnecessary comment, out-of-the-topic questions, weird FAQs, and anything else that you can think of, are all acceptable on Womobomo. I believe in interactions between myself and my readers.

Okay, so who am I?
What! You mean you don't know? I'm Cean, and my personal website is Ceandra. Both Ceandra and Womobomo are managed by me and nobody else.



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