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Posted on Friday, April 29, 2011

Earning with Nuffnang

I was thinking really hard on what to type for my next blog post on Womobomo. Honestly, there are just too many money making ideas out there and it was difficult to select one for this post. Nevertheless, while I was changing Womobomo's theme (Yes, I changed it!) I happened to pay a little extra attention to Nuffnang's button stuck on my side bar. And there you go ~ I shall blog about Nuffnang this week! Honestly, I haven't been using Nuffnang for very long. I am not sure what countries Nuffnang cater to (Probably in Asia Pacific regions), so I'm just going to blog about for Singaporeans.

I've placed a sample of an ad unit above, hopefully you can see the ad because sometimes, there simply are no ads served. Okay, so like every other advertising community on the internet, Nuffnang gives bloggers a chance to serve advertisers' ads on their blog and earn money from it. Likewise, the different methods of earning are also similar to other advertising communities you can find on the internet. There are CPM/ CPC and MCPM campaigns. More details can be found on the Nuffnang's FAQ page, but I'll touch on them briefly over here.

  1. CPM campaigns
  2. CPM means earning by impressions. You earn by the number of Average Unique visitors in the week that you are serving the ad campaign. You are then arranged into "bands" by Nuffnang according to your number of visitors. Logically, the higher your band, the higher you earn. Or simply put, the more number of unique visitors you get on your blog, the higher you get paid.

  3. CPC campaigns
  4. CPC means Cost Per Click. Every time someone clicks on your ad unit served on your blog, you earn. That someone should be a unique visitor, and not yourself, or someone that clicks many times on that ad. According to Nuffnang, you will be credited 3 days after the CPC campaign ends.

    "Should your blog display a CPC ad but not generate any clicks on the ad unit, no earnings will be accumulated and updated". - Nuffnang.
  5. MCPM (Metered CPM) campaigns
  6. This is kind of special, as I have never seen it before. I think it is kind of an easier way to earn, but only for highlighted/ top/ popular/ higher traffic kind of blogs. So what happens is, advertisers buy visitors from a specific blog for a certain period of time. During this time, visitors would be able to see the advertiser's ads on the blog and ... the blogger earns after the number of visitors that the advertiser bought are completed.

Interestingly, Nuffnang doesn't really show ad units every single time. Which means, like I said earlier, you will see their button/banner stuck onto your advertising space without an ad. I believe Nuffnang have received many, many questions about this, but it is all explained in their FAQ section. Simply put, if your blog is not assigned to any ads from advertisers, then you will not see any ad units ie. you are not serving any ads at the moment.

Nuffnang Xchange

Yes, if you look at your bottom right, you can see a widget that shows you other blog posts from fellow Nuffnangers. It allows you to browse other blogs besides your own, and also invites visitors to your own blog. It is linked with Innit Chatter, and has a limited number of themes to choose from.

"In support of the average blogger, only blogs with an average of <300 uniques a day will be featured in the RSS tab." - Nuffnang.

Before you ask,

- You cash out when you reach 50 SGD, not USD.
- And yes, Nuffnang works together with Adsense.

What about Womobomo?

You must be interested to know how much I am earning on Womobomo. Well, this site just started not too long ago, so there are of course, not many visitors. I'm getting a fair amount of traffic annyway, enough to make 1.4 SGD currently. As you may have noticed, I placed Nuffnang ads on the sidebar at the right, so two points to note about that are:

1. It will not get clicked often, mainly because it is hidden below the sidebar widgets.

2. Advertisers would not buy my number of visitors because basically, their ads are not shown on a highly visible area, unless at a point of time, I decided to place them in my blog posts.



Anonymous said...

but how would you know if that ads are CPC or CPM?

Anonymous said...

My friend joined nuffnang but they did not give her any ads. The logo of nuffnang only appeared in her blog. May I know its reason why they didn't give her an advertisement?

Cean said...

Normally no CPM ads UNLESS your blog has high traffic. Example, 1k visits per day.
Can I know what is your friend's blog address?

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