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Would you like me to feature your business?


  • Premium 125 x 125 banner space on Sidebar:
  • The only advertising option I am giving now is placing your advertising banners on Womobomo's sidebar. $5 a month. Only 125 x 125 banners.

  • Text Links in Sidebar
  • This advertising option is not available right now.

  • A mention in blog post
  • This advertising option is not available right now.

  • A sponsored post specially for you
  • This advertising option is not available right now.

  • Your banner in a blog post of a reasonable size.
  • This advertising option is not available right now.

Please read this:

- All prices are in USD.

- You need to pay before you are advertised on Womobomo. You ad will be removed if I do not receive your payment on time.

- Payment will be requested by PayPal invoice sent to your email address. Thus, please provide a valid email address.

- Ads will be placed on Womobomo upon receiving the paypal payment receipt.

- I reserve the right to reject placing your ad on Womobomo if your website is under these categories, or if your website is deemed not suitable by me: IRC/IRC egg drops or bots, Mail bombers, IP spoofers, Port scanners, Adult Material (Pornographic and/or obscene content), Illegal distributing and/or advertising of copyrighted material, Warez/Nulled Content
Offensive, racist sites.

- If you're done reading, fill in this form and we'll talk :)

Review Policies

  • I do reviews for free.
  • I only review family-friendly products.
  • I will not need to pay for the product (either the actual product price or the shipping fee) that you sent for me to review.
  • Any products or product samples that you sent will not be returned.
  • Give me at least 2 to 5 weeks to complete your review. Or if you have a specific date in mind, inform me as well so that I know what is required.
  • I do not do video reviews, because I do not have a good enough camera.
  • I will send you the link to my review when it's posted.
  • You can request beforehand for me to add any discount notices or coupon codes for that particular product(s) in my review.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any reviews if the product that you sent was not what we had agreed on.
  • If I have tested your product and produce a negative review of it, I will send you an email first, and you can choose not to publish the negative review post.

Giveaway policies

Before you proceed, please note that there is a difference between a "review product" and a "giveaway product". Giveaway product is the product that a winner would win from a giveaway that you host in a product review (this is not mailed to me). Review product is the product that you must ship to me at no cost for me to review(this must be mailed to me).

  • If you have request for a product review from me, you can choose to hold a giveaway for the product as well.
  • Please take note that I only post giveaways that are open worldwide. If it is not, then I will reject your giveaway but still post the product review.
  • The duration of the giveaway is to be decided by you, I recommend a period of three weeks.
  • I am not responsible for shipping the giveaway product to the winner. Do not mail the giveaway product to me.
  • The giveaway winner is decided by and notified by email.
  • I will provide you with the shipping address of the winner.
  • You can decide what you want my readers to do for the giveaway, some of the common ones are:
    Follow on Twitter, subscribe to email newsletter, follow on Google Friend Connect, like on FAcebook, comment on the favourite product etc. Take note that you cannot ask readers to leave a comment or upload a picture to your Facebook wall.
  • You are not allowed to ask for readers to purchase a product in order to enter the giveaway.
  • You must ship the giveaway product to the giveaway winner within three days (or more, but you must inform me beforehand).

Giveaway rules for entrants

  • You need to fulfill the mandatory entry to be entered into the giveaway. The bonus entries/steps are optional and comes next.
  • Check which countries the giveaway is open to before you enter. If you are not eligible, another winner will be chosen by
  • Leave a separate comment for each entry. If you do not, then your entries will only be counted as 1.
  • The winner will have 48 hours to reply to my email. If not, another winner will be chosen by
  • Your prize should be shipped to you within 4 weeks. If you haven't receive it after 4 weeks, please inform me through the contact form and I will look into it.
  • Take note that I am not responsible if the prize is not shipped to you. I do not have the giveaway prize. It is the sponsor's responsibility to have the giveaway prize properly shipped to you.
  • If you are the winner, please give me a valid shipping address. Read the "Privacy Policy" section if you are concerned.

Privacy Policies

  • Your email information is protected when you comment or fill in a form on Womobomo.
  • I will only ask for your shipping address if you are the giveaway winner. I will then ask for your permission to give your shipping address to the sponsor of that giveaway so that he/she can ship the giveaway product (prize) to you.
  • Rest assured that I will never sell or share any email or address information of yours.
  • Womobomo contains various forms of advertisements from many advertisers and affiliate programs. Some of these advertisements make use of cookies to serve ads based on your visits.
  • Links on Womobomo are all accounted for. They are advertisement links, affiliate links, blogroll or link exchanges, valid links to giveaways on posts, valid links to the product that I reviewed, valid links to a website that I reviewed, credit links on the layout's footer, and blog directory links that I submitted Womobomo to. If there is any link that you find suspicious, please inform me using the contact form.
  • The links that I mentioned above are third party websites in which I am not responsible for any of their privacy policies. In fact, I am not responsible for anything else once you leave the website of Womobomo.
  • An important point to note is that I am always contactable through the contact form. If you have any questions, always use the form and you will be replied as soon as I get online.


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