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Posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Problems with my Mobile Broadband device

Have you ever tried using a mobile broadband device? It's extremely convenient, and you can bring it anywhere with you outside of your home for internet. I've bought two so far, different brands of course, and they are so different. Both of them gives the same internet access convenience, but what I meant by different is the quality of the service. Honestly, I'm not giving any names here, because I don't want to write any reviews in this blog post. Reviews regarding this issue would be so negative(if written by me) that it would be called criticism, sarcasm and rants instead. So lets call it mobile broadband 1, and mobile broadband 2.

Mobile Broadband 1(2mbps) was slightly less than perfect, but I was satisfied with it. I was able to access internet on my laptop on the train, on the bus, in shopping malls, which is basically, everywhere. It was only a 3 second process. Open the cap of the device, plug in, and click the "connect" button, and it gets me instantly connected to the internet. When I say instantly, I mean it, there was not delay, no whatever #@$#% that will destroy my patience. The internet connection speed was satisfactory.

For Mobile Broadband 2(4mbps), which is the one I'm using now, it is horrible. I totally regret upgrading from 2mbps to 4mbps. "They" offered a discount for people using 2mbps connections to 4mbps, I thought it was an awesome deal so I went for it. It was a painful lesson learnt, and I swear I'll never do it again. Always be satisfied with what you have. So what happened was... Mobile Broadband 2 did not start for me in the start-up process, so I had to call the technical service. I was asked to uninstall the software, reinstall it and do some stuff to my laptop and it didn't help at all. Then somehow, just somehow, these dragged for a few days. During these few days, I had no internet access, so I decided to go down to their technical service center (They had only one in this country for god's sake.) to get this horrible "Mobile Broadband 2" fixed, once and for all. Guess what happened? Magically it appeared to be working fine there, so I had nothing to say. Then guess what? I couldn't use it from my home again. It was just... not working. I called the technical service people again, none of them was willing to come down, which was fine, but whatever assistance they provided over the phone was useless. I was asked to do the uninstall and reinstall process for a total of... let me count... EIGHT times or more, by different technical service people. My patience ends there, I cursed and swore at the people who were assisting me on the phone. I think that really helped, because the next day my internet access worked after they did some network stuffs in my neighborhood.

However, getting it to work does not mean that this issue is completely solved. I called several times later to explain the problem I was facing: My internet connection seems to disconnect by itself, and reconnect back after a few seconds. Sometimes it doesn't even reconnect back. At night I am unable to access the internet because although it appears that there is some signals, there is actually none, and hard solid evidence was the "unable to access" sign on Chrome. In conclusion, the only help that technical service people gave was to ask me to uninstall and reinstall again. That is the only knowledge they knew and we pay them for it. I'm paying for something that is faulty through my monthly bills. If you're asking me to change the device, it means I'll have to buy a new one and it costs a lot for me, and I don't have the patience to go through another round of -look above again- tedious process with them.

What about you? Are you experiencing such issues as well? I sought some advices from my friends, and they say told me to go near my window, go to and open area etc., as it might be the setting that was giving me trouble and not the device. I tried, believe me, I had no reason not to. None of them worked. So now I'm suffering with such limited access from 7pm to 11pm, occasional disconnect and reconnect issue sometimes more than three times per day, and slow internet access when "it" is in a bad mood. Well, but I'm not the only one. My friends are experiencing the same problems as well. Just that they don't mind it at all, because they didn't go through such horrendous service treatment I experienced. I've been trying to find out more on mobile broadband, read more about network issues and planning on how I can write a long and hurting negative review for this company's brand.



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