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Posted on Saturday, May 21, 2011

21 May Giveaways Roundup

I've been just a little busy with Facebook apps this week. I am determined to build a prosperous city of my own on Cityville (a game app on Facebook) and bugging my friends with invites and stuff for the game. To build a successful city of your own, you have to get materials, and officers, all from your friends. You also need to have neighbors, and it's crucial if you don't want to get stuck with a "one screen city". I know I should feel terrible about neglecting my studies, but I just can't help it! Whenever I'm near my laptop I just feel like opening it and browsing the internet. It's like... an addiction, just like how I am addicted to posting giveaways that I joined for you guys! So enjoy!

Emily Parkes is having a 100th post Spring Goodies giveaway! I am a fan of etsy giveaways, and because I saw that there were so little entries, I decided to enter this giveaway! Take your time to browse through her Etsy shop as well, it has two pages of goodies at a reasonable price. Ends on 21 May 2011.

Momma Told Me is having a Kobo eReader review and giveaway that is also available to international readers! I have been wanting an eReader for so, so, so long, and if you also want to win one, then this giveaway is a must join! "One extra lucky Momma Told Me follower will win a Kobo eReader, just like the one pictured above, loaded with 100 books!" - Quoted from Momma Told Me. You need to be a follower of Momma Told Me, and include in your comment what feature you like most about Kobo eReader. I liked the fact that it can hold up to a thousand books for you to enjoy! I know it's really discouraging to see so many entries for this giveaway, and the chances of winning are so low, that it's almost none, but nevertheless, it'll never hurt to try your luck! Ends on 22 May 2011.

Orphic Pixel is giving away 3 TwiBooklet ebook to help you understand the best method of promotion on Twitter! You need to complete four steps: Follow them on twitter, Like them on FB, retweet this post, and leave a comment with a valid email. Such simple instructions for a useful ebook! Ends on 22 May 2011.

Soap Deli News is giving away $25 gift certificate to Julie Ann Art! What you will find is greeting cards that looks totally simple but so professional. If you can't wait for this giveaway, just proceed to Julie Ann Art (Etsy Shop) and get a 20 per cent discount currently while this giveaway is going on, or just go straight to Heartsy for an awesome deal you'll never forget! Just search for Julie Ann Art in the list on the front page like what I did. Ends on 22 May 2011.

Specky Boy Design Magazine is giving away three elite memberships to Medialoot worth $288 each! All you have to do, is to just tweet the message that they provided in the post. Best for illustrators and designers. Ends on 23 May 2011.

7 on a Shoestring

7 On a Shoestring is having a $50 gift card giveaway to in honor of the transformation away from being a personal blog! I've never been into accessories, but if I ever win this giveaway, I bet I'd have a really fun time browsing through StyleTryst and deciding what to buy. Ends on 23 May 2011.

Sustainable Personal Finance is sponsoring a $20 paypal giveaway on Momsplan, and only one lucky reader will win it. Straight and direct cash giveaways are my favourite, so I had this giveaway already bookmarked long beforehand. I really hope I'd win, so as to buy a domain for Womobomo! Ends on 24 May 2011.

An Uncommon Thread is having a Fair Indigo Men's Pima Cotton Dress Shirt Giveaway for a lucky reader! Consider this an early father's day gift. There are three steps to enter, and only very little entries, which increased the chances of winning, so I went for it. Blue, is my father's favourite colour. Ends on 24 May 2011.



eMiLy ChAnG said...

lol. i dont play cityville. i heard there's gagaville too? ahha. good luck on your own city! ;D the kobo giveaway sounds cool! :DDD

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