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Posted on Friday, May 6, 2011

6 May Giveaways Roundup

Here are some random giveaways that I was interested in joining, and joined for today. There are many giveaways happening on the internet right now, and it is impossible for me to know which blog has them, which ones are worldwide, which one are cash, which ones are beauty products, ... I don't know. What I do know is that, I only list giveaways that are worldwide (few of them are in Singapore which I would tell you beforehand). I will explain more in the "about" page that I'm still writing on. Do not click on the images, they bring you no where, click on the links in the description after them to be brought directly to the page of the giveaway. Enjoy.

Miso Glamorous is giving away $50 cash in Paypal for one winner! Pretty straight forward and simple instructions for such an awesome prize. Ends on 10 May 2011.

Uniquely Moi Books is holding a giveaway for The Diva Doctrine. A very simple and original giveaway, read the review and you'll see the form at the very end. Ends on 9 May 2011.

Things That I Like is holding a bracelet giveaway from her Etsy Shop! Here is what she says: "For every 50 people that enter this giveaway, I will add another bracelet into the pot." Nothing can beat this, you enter giveaways, you follow, tell people to enter giveaways, and you get more chance to win. This giveaway ends on 1 June 2011, leaving plenty of time for another bracelet to be won.

Sarah Hassan's blog is having her 1st anniversary blog giveaway to thank her awesome followers, and Sigma Brush review giveaway as a fan of Sigma and for being their affiliate! The first one ends on 12 June 2011, and the second ends on 10 June 2011.

Simply Stacie is giving away $850 worth of items for her "I Love My Mommy" giveaway blog hop. She is one of the websites that I specially bookmarked to post about on Womobomo. Why? Because she was considerate enough to think of giveaways for international visitors as well as U.S. visitors of course. Look at the amount of GFC followers she has! I love the $75 Gift Card giveaway. I hope I win, you too of course. Ends on 10 May 2011.

Life With Stevens is giving away $25 Paypal cash to one lucky reader! It's pretty weird that the reason for this giveaway was help her get back on groove (Heh!) But anyway, what a lovely prize. Ends on 6 May 2011.


Cuzinlogic is having a giveaway for some sweet gift cards! This is one of the very few offering international entries in the "I Love my Mommy" Bloghop going on in May. Remember to read the criteria for this giveaway! Ends on 10 May 2011.

The Old Folks Knows Best is having their "I Love My Mommy" giveaway hop as well, with $50 bed bath and such for readers! It's an advance gift for mothers to decorate their homes/bathrooms! I like this, because it's international, which means I'll have a chance! Ends on 10 May 2011.

I like this one! Belly Charms is holding their "I Love My Mommy" giveaway as well, with $141 worth of prizes. What caught my attention was the full Blogger "Field of Daisies Design Package" (worth $70). I mean like, wow, I really wish I was the winner! Ends on 10 May 2011. Don't miss it.

A Little Hope is also holding their I Love My Mommy giveaway blog hop with gift cards! Short, sweet, and simple instructions. Ends on 8 May 2011.

Of Faces and Fingers is giving away a Jelly Pong Pong mystery bag to one lucky reader! The cute packaging was the one that caught my attention, I normally don't go for beauty products giveaway, but well, I suppose this is one exception! Ends on 23 May 2011.



Belly Charms said...

Thanks so much and good luck with my giveaway!!! I am a new follower too:)

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