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Posted on Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 May Giveaways Roundup

Here are all the giveaways I have entered today :D It's nearly a mix of everything, so just go through each of them and see if you are interested in any at all. They are not in any order of ranking.

Very awesome people have come together and gathered giveaways for the Spring Blog Carnival! It is exactly like the Easter Bunny Blog Hop held in April, where I had so much fun blog hopping for my change to get a free book from Book Depository. There are so many book giveaways in this carnival, you might need an hour or two to complete all of them. Remember to check 1) If it is international or restricted, and 2) If you have met the criteria eg. Followed whoever on Google Friend Connect and 3)The deadline. Good Luck.

Innspired Mag is giving away three 1 month full subscriptions to PixMac premium service, worth $597. This is a superb giveaway if you are an illustrator or designer! Ends on 7 May 2011.

Did I say that I have no use for cosmetic products? Well, my friends around me totally loves them. I am assuming you would too, so Candy Coated Tips is having their 1 year Anniversary international giveaway for... nail stuffs or something. I don't know, I've only ever polish my nails once in my entire life, when I was going for a graduation party. I'm entering this giveaway to givemy friends the gifts if I ever win. Giveaway Ends on 19 May 2011.

Another giveaway that caught my eyes was the Myan Art Studios & Sixth and Main Giveaway held at A Little Etsy Love. Honestly, go through the giveaway and you would see that the photographies are so awesome! And you get to win any 2 8x8’s or 8x10’s found on either of the two etsy sites of the owner. I had such a great time browsing both of her Etsy Shops, it was like a great art gallery show or something. The giveaway is open worldwide, and I hope I win :D! Deadline is today.

Here is a little extra for fellow Singaporean citizens~ My Green Space Issue 9 Contest contains an awesome Eco Gourmet Cafe – Set Lunch Voucher contest where you simply have to answer two questions by email to be eligible. Don't forget to check out the other two contests as well :) Deadline is 15 May 2011.



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